New Drake Michael Jackson tribute

Rapper and singer Drake has just dropped his new double album Scorpion

Rapper and singer Drake has just dropped his new double album ‘Scorpion’ and track 10 on the B-Side is a song called ‘Don’t Matter To Me,’ which features Michael Jackson!

Listen to the song on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/6G8kHiVZ1jW7vHMPVRNZU0 #NowPlaying

TMZ reported earlier in the day that this surprise was coming after Drake published the tracklisting for the new album on Instagram. The vocals Michael recorded were previously for an unreleased demo track, which Drake now samples.

Right now we don’t have any details of when Michael may have recorded his vocals but we’re hoping to get more details soon.

The track is already the first track featured in Spotify’s popular playlists ‘New Music Friday’ and ‘Today’s Top Hits’.

The surprise new song by Drake, which features Michael Jackson, has debuted at Number 2 on the official UK charts.

‘Don’t Matter To Me’ is a track from Drake’s new album ‘Scorpion,’ released last Friday. Michael’s vocals, which supply the hook for the song, were taken from a previously unreleased session with Paul Anka believed to be recorded around 1983. ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ and ‘This Is It’, we’re both recorded at the same time.

It’s unknown how much more of this song Michael may have sung and what other vocals and songs were recorded during their collaboration. It’s also unknown at this time if there’s any plans to release more from Michael’s solo material of this song.

Drake’s new album has become the first album to hit 1 billion streams globally across all streaming platforms in a single week, making it the first album to reach the milestone.

Source: TMZ, Apple Music, Spotify & MJWN