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The New Book Of Michael Jackson by Chris Cadman



With the imminent arrival of MAESTRO as an author I wonder what fans and readers outside of the community are expecting. Expectations seem very high with the comments I’ve read so far, so let’s hope it lives up to the hype you all giving it. Thanks all the same the support is gratefully appreciated.

Below is an introduction from the book. Please don’t expect any controversy surrounding the tracks off MICHAEL. I have stated what we the fans think without going to in-depth. In these two volumes you’ll find a lot of Michael’s words and from the people who worked and knew him personally.

Some of the early interviews from 16, Right On etc are said to have been made up by the Motown PR team, in fact Michael said so in those tapes recorded by Glenda Stein. These are still included, along with an array of other rare interviews from the early days.

Also you’ll discover some early songs Michael wrote as a youngster, including two written for Neil Diamond and Glen Campbell. If these exist, I’d love to know who as the tapes, imagine those surfacing. Sadly they probably either don’t or were never recorded.

Please excuse me if any mistakes occur, a volume such as this is bound to throw up a few. I’d also like to point out that this is a book you can constantly add to, so anything missing now can be added next time.

I’ll leave you to read the introduction now, I’m sure you’ll all have questions once its released. Thanks to everyone who helped one way or another. I hope the book serves its purpose.

Chris Cadman
December 2013


Michael Jackson was no ordinary performer. From the beginning he was destined to do big things. From the moment he moved in rhythm to the vibration of the family’s old washing machine, to kicking off his shoes at a school prom show, his life seemed ordained for the big time.

So much has been written about Michael Jackson, but unfortunately most of it is either negative or sensationalised. The last two decades of his life was unfairly dogged with unnecessary allegations and innuendos when all he was trying to do was share his music, help save the planet and support the underprivileged children of the world.

Michael Jackson was one of, if not the most, charitable donor in the world, but sadly the media didn’t feel this was worthy of a headline or news column story. Instead they felt compelled to paint a depressing figure unfairly removed from the actual person he really was.

One day when he was around 11 years old Michael was watching the sad plight of African children dying from hunger and disease with his mother and sister Janet. What he saw touched him so deeply he promised one day that he would do all he could to help and stop those suffering in Africa. He more than kept his promise. He couldn’t stop the suffering, but his constant donations saved many millions of lives in Africa and many other causes worldwide and closer to home. 

But all this would never have been possible without the phenomenal success of his music, his dancing and his incredible voice, once described by Sir Bob Geldof as: 

“When Michael Jackson sings it is with the voice of angels, and when his feet move you can see God dancing”

Michael Jackson was born 29th August, 1958 at 3.39am at Mercy Hospital in Gary, Indiana. Katherine’s mother Martha named him, after her first suggestions of Ronald and Roy were rejected.

Michael’s stairways to the stars began around 1963 when he sang in public for the first time at his school, Garnett Elementary singing Climb E’vry Mountain. He reduced his grandfather to tears.

Michael’s father Joseph soon became aware of Michael’s extreme talent and his brothers, mainly due to Tito breaking a string on his guitar after using it without permission. Discovering that his boys displayed real talent he began investing in musical equipment and groomed them as a group under their stage name The Jackson Five. After learning their trade around various nightclubs, including venues in Gary and Chicago, The Jackson Five, thanks to Bobby Taylor, were signed by Motown Records. Michael was just a month or so short of his 10th birthday when he signed his first recording contract, although for promotional purposes he was made to trim off a couple of years. The Jackson 5’s first four singles went to number one on the American Billboard chart.

This is where the Michael Jackson story begins…

The aim of Michael Jackson The Maestro: The Definitive A – Z Volume 1 A-J is to document not only the many songs Michael has been involved with over the years, but also his many TV appearances, awards, significant events, tours, interviews, and trivia. 

Just like For The Record this book is written for Michael’s fans around the world to use as either a reference guide or research volume. With Michael Jackson The Maestro being in A-Z format it is produced to give the reader easy access to the information they are looking for.

A good majority of the songs can be found in the books I co-authored with Craig Halstead: Michael Jackson For The Record Revised & Expanded being the last edition. However, for the A-Z I have discovered new information and trivia, backed by many quotes from Michael over the years. The main bulk of the new content will rely on major stories and events from Michael’s five decades in the music business.

Michael Jackson The Maestro: The Definitive A – Z Volume 1 A-J covers:

• The Songs

• The Albums

• The Trivia Behind them

• Interviews From:

TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers & Unreleased 

• TV Shows, Documentary’s & Appearances

• Radio Shows

• The Tours

• Directors, Writers, Producers & Friends

• Videos

• DVDs

• Charts

• Fan links & Magazines

Every dedicated moment has been spent trying to get this book as accurate as possible for the community of Michael Jackson fans around the world. It was impossible to include everything; some fans may wonder why certain events or news items were left out, but the decision came down to choice in the end. That said Michael Jackson The Maestro: The Definitive A – Z will be released in two volumes due to the amount of information covered.

For this particular book remixes and most alternative versions have been left out due mainly to space and for the third edition of Michael Jackson For The Record Revised & Expanded due in 2015.

I hope you all enjoy this first volume and it represents a good proportion of Michael’s life and times. I hope it proves a pleasant read.

Chris Cadman



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